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Giving Advice & Warning

-   Giving  Advice is  to give (someone) a recommendation about what should be done.

Expressions Of  Asking  for  Advice
•What should…………………………….. ?
•What do you think should………… ?
•What do you advise?
•Could you give me some advice for ….?
•What you would advice?
•What would you do if……….?
•Do you think I should …..?
Expressions of Giving Advice
•You should/ought to……….
•I think you should/ought to………
•You ought to………………
•I advise you to
•If I were you, I would……..
•I would recommend that you ……
•You’d better tell …………..
•You must to……………….

 -Dialogue: Giving Advice
George – Hey, Ari, what’s the matter? You look worried. What’s the problem?
Ari – Yes, it’s my brother. I think he’s stealing. I found 1000 million in his room.
George – Wow!! That’s serious! What are you going to do?
Ari – I don’t know. What do you think I should do?
George – Well, if I were you, I’d speak to him.
Ari – I tried that, but he didn’t listen.
George – Then you have to try again. Come on – I‘ll come with you.
Ari – Ok. Thanks George. 
 Family doctor giving advice to a male patient Royalty Free Stock Vector Art IllustrationFamily doctor giving advice to a male patient
Dialogue Expressing of Giving Advice
•Lie    : Good morning,Foo
•Foo  : Good morning, Lie. (Looks confused)
•Lie    : How are you,Foo
•Foo : I’m confused now.
•Lie    : Why?
•Foo  : My girlfriend forbade me to follow the dance
competition. If you were me, what would you
tell her?
•Lie :    I would say that the competition is very
important  to you, and instead, the prize of the
competition  would you give to her
•Foo : That’s a good idea. I will do it. Thank you very
much, Lie. Now I want to go to canteen. See
•Foo :   You’re welcome. See you too.

Warning is admonition notice, or pointing out on  existing or potential danger, specially to one who would otherwise would not be aware of it. We can use this way to warn someone or more about somethingthat will happened. Some of the ways are just like givingcommands to the others.

Expression of Warning
•Look out! There is a snake beside you.
•Don’t step on the grass!.
•No smoking!
•No hunting!
•Be Silent
•No camping without permission!
•Do not cut down the trees!
•Keep out of the reach of children!
Dialogue Expressing of Warning
•Merry                : “Mom, let me go out for a
while, please?”
•Mother             : “Where are you going to,
•Merry               :  “I’d like to visit Lala. She
got accident this morning.
She is in the hospital now.”
•Mother             : “Okay, but take care when
you drive! The road is very
•Merry                : “Thank you, Mom.”

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