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 A gerund is a verbal that ends in -ing and functions as a noun. The term verbal indicates that a gerund, like the other two kinds of verbals, is based on a verb and therefore expresses action or a state of being. However, since a gerund functions as a noun, it occupies some positions in a sentence that a noun ordinarily would, for example: subject, direct object, subject complement, and object of preposition.
Gerund as subject:

  • Traveling might satisfy your desire for new experiences. (Traveling is the gerund.)
  • The study abroad program might satisfy your desire for new experiences. (The gerund has been removed.)
  •   Swimming is my hobby. 
  • Your singing is very beautiful.  
  • Studying needs time and patience. 
  •  Playing tennis is fun. 
  •  Reading Japanese is easier than speaking it.
Gerund as direct object:
  • They do not appreciate my singing. (The gerund is singing.)
  • They do not appreciate my assistance. (The gerund has been removed)
  •  I enjoy dancing. 
  • She likes dancing. 
  • Thank you for your coming. 
  • I hate arguing
Gerund as subject complement:
  • My Dog's favorite activity is sleeping. (The gerund is sleeping.)
  • My Dog's favorite food is salmon. (The gerund has been removed.)
  •  My favorite sport is running. 
  • My favorite activity is reading.
Gerund as object of preposition:
  • The police arrested him for speeding. (The gerund is speeding.)
  • The police arrested him for criminal activity. (The gerund has been removed.)
  •  They are good at telling funny stories. 
  • In sleeping I met you in the park.

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