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Asking for and Giving Opinions

 What do you think about the lady? | I think she's great

~ time for us to learn about :


Asking for opinion is a skill in a good manner will mean that you get more information. This section will help students to think about how they can best put questions in a forum like a meeting, class discussion or question time type event.
In general, questions need to be:
1. Put politely
3. About one issue
4. Encourage a response:
- What do you think about periodic table of elements ?
- What’s your opinion?
- What are your ideas?
- Do you have any thoughts on that?
- How do you feeling about organization level of the cell ?
- What about your physic homework ?
- What is your view ?
- Don’t you think …. ? (very polite)

What do you think ...? 
Well, I think ... 
What's your opinion about ...? 
In my opinion I think ... 
How do you feel about ...? 
I feel that we should ... 
What's your reaction to that? 
My reaction is that we should ... 
Any comments, John? 
May I make a comment on that? 

Other examples
Those expressions are used to ask for opinions.
·        What do you think of this refrigerator?
·        So, do you think I should buy those florescent light bulbs?

Those expressions are used to give opinions.
·        I think the other one’s better.
·        In my opinion, you should buy the florescent light bulbs

Here are other expressions that you can also use:

Asking opinion
Giving opinion
·        What is your opinion…?
I think…
·        What do you think of..?
I believe..
·        How do you feel about..?
I fell…
·        How do you see…?
It seems to me…

Daniel   : Hey Lara ! Do you know the hot news in our school ?
Lara   : Yes, I know. About the minimum score, isn’t it ?
Daniel   : Yes, exactly. What do you think ?
Lara          : I think it so high. I believe that is bad idea.
Daniel   : I don’t think so. Precisely with the 80 score, we can go into the University easily. With PMDK program.
Lara          : Yes, I know it. But, for everyday it so hard.
Daniel   : Maybe, it can be the pole for us to be better than yesterday. I hope we can do it. Although it so hard.
Lara          : Ok. Amin. :) 

 example 2
Kent : What do you think about that film?
Joe : I think that film is very interesting

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