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Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

- Expressing satisfaction is an expression  for a feeling of happiness or pleasure   because you have achieved something or   got what you wanted.
Expressing Satisfaction :

- Dissatisfaction expression is a feeling    we express when we do not get as   enough as we hope and feel disappointed   with some conditions, we must be dissatisfied.
Example of informal expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction
Expressing Dissatisfaction :
Purpose: to show the feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction

Expressing Satisfaction Expressing Dissatisfaction
  • I’m satisfied with …
  • I’m satisfied at …
  • I’m glad with what you’ve done.
  • It’s really satisfying.
  • Everything was satisfying.
  • I’m not satisfied with …
  • It isn’t very nice.
  • It’s really not good enough.
  • I’m dissatisfied by …
  • It’s dissatisfying.
  • Oh, no.

A: did you come to the party?
B: yes, I was there. Did you not come?
A: I came to Ricos party. I’ m satisfied with the DJ. She did great job. How about that party?
B: it’s really not good enough. There was an accident but no one hurt.
A: oh, really? I am lucky for not coming then.

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